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MrNewEngland is here!

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I just bought a '98 750 ACE. I am really, really enjoying this bike.

With that said I am absolutely shocked at the lack of power this bike has. It's an absolute pig.

But it's surprisingly comfortable, gets great mileage, and I'm hoping it's reliable (it's a Honda).
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Yikes, you guys are touchy about the lack of power in these things.

I am very happy with the bike - to the point I may never go back to a sportbike. And I knew it wasn't going to be fast and it wasn't made for a day at the track. I am just surprised by how slow it is.

And that's fine. It'll maintain highway speeds with no problem and get you up on the highway quick enough that it doesn't feel unsafe. Still, at some point I'll probably get something with a few more CCs.
It's a right tool for the job thing..

If you are looking to kick back and chug down the road at normal (legal) traffic speeds at low rpms, you get a cruiser..

If you want to fly down the road in comfort like a bat out of hell, at low rpms - you get a BIG Cruiser..

If you want to buzz around at speeds that approach interesting you get a mid-size sport-bike.

If you want to go so fast you near travel back in time before you hit 6000RPMs you Get a BIG Sport bike..

How do you want to ride?

..Most of us who like cruisers aren't really interested in going super fast, though most would likely agree that the abiltiy to pour on the coals when needed is always nice. But for the ability to travel distances in comfort, for the more relaxed riding - for not caring too much about being out-front - a mid or larger sized cruiser is simply the right tool for the job.

95 (Real) MPH, is about as much as you are going to squeeze out of a 750 cruiser without a whole-lot of finesse.. It isn't geared like a sport-bike - it just isn't a sport-bike :) .. It's a cruiser.. There's Real Differences..

If I had to ride short-hops around in town I personally wouldn't ride a cruiser.. I would ride a FZ-09, a Versys, a NC700X or a smaller sport-bike of some description or etc..

But I live up in the mountains - with 100 miles of nothing between stops - so, a cruiser is the right tool for the job..

They are better and more stable in a straight line, they have the more plush suspension and seating for traveling distances, they run cool at lower RPMs and are Highly reliable.. Just better for distances as a rule.

Could they go faster? Sure.. But if you don't like the speed of a 750 cruiser - you didn't buy the right bike.. Because any one of us would have told you that they just are not designed to go fast out of habit.

A cruiser might be too bland for you long term, we see that a lot, people buying brand new cruisers and then trading up to sports bikes and sport tourers or whatnot. But, until you trade up to a new bike that makes you completely happy, All the Best, kick-back, enjoy the ride.. And Welcome to The Forum! ;)
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