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As I have a laced front wheel already for years now....
Harley 16" front wheel on a custom front axle with a custom brake rotor adapter to take the oem rotor.

I found myself some time to make myself a laced rear wheel from scratch.
These VT1100's didn't came with laced wheels and the ACE had a different brake setup ( disk versus drum ) that I didn't bother.

So I dismantled the swingarm and measured a VT800 wheel I had laying around for some years. The VT800 wheel is narrower but has the same brake drum setup as the VT1100. It also has the same drive system the VT1100 has.

To get the wheel centre in the swingarm I made an alloy spacer between the hub and drive flange..

I also made a little alloy spacer ring on the other side.

The VT800 wheel is only 3" wide while the cast Enkei wheel is 3,5" wide. I didn't want the baloony tire thing so I scored a VTX1300S wheel on the mighty eBay in the promised land and let it shipped to Holland.

Dismantled the VTX wheel completely as I only needed the 3,5" rim.

Then I dismantled the VT800 wheel carefully with numbering all the spokes.

And after an evening of education on the Youtube Academy I started lacing it all together the next morning..

Brought the rim to a specialist for trueing but it appeared that I had followed the lessons from the academy very well.
Today I was able to put it all back together. Had to fabricate a final drive spacer extension to align all the bearings back up ( to shimm out the clearance difference between the hub and drive flange created by the big alloy spacer ).

I even made some time to put on some Rattle Bomb flakes

I am very satisfied. Have to wait with the test drive til march 1st by new classic tax regulations in Holland. ( $34 for 9 months ( no driving December, January & February ) or $140 for 12 months, was tax excempt for 25+ years age but public treasury seemed to be empty.... so government found a new fund.. Classics).
That's the reason I had time cause I cant drive my usually daily bike now and have to travel with public transport now... No I wont take my precious Capri in this snowy weather.

Ill hope you all enjoyed reading this post,
Best regards JP
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