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I was allways a fan of bobbers, and now i have opportunity for make one of my own.
Found one cheap honda shadow 600 1991 in Italy, few hours from me, and journey begins

Motor looks in pretty good shape.

Funny thing happens during our technical inspectiona and registration :D
as i didnt have bike for around 10 years allmost, and im not so good mechanic, when i bought motorcycle and did test drive, motorcycle sounded a bit lazy and drove lazy, but i didnt realize one thing.
front cylnder didnt work xd

Motorcycle stood in some barn for lik 4 years, manage to pull around 400 km in those years, spark plug didnt get electricity to fire it. Ot ran on 1 cylnder, it passed tehnical inspection and registration :D
And more fun stuff during inspection.
Bike war running all the time, and when guy told me everything is ok, that i need to drove it outside and go for papers, when i hit a trotle, bike died.
Embarising thing, 6 of workers are watching me, i cannot turn on the bike, so i pushed it out.
Me and my father started to look what is going on, bike dont want to turn on. 10 mins later we figured it out. Bike went out of gas hahah :D

So after all this clumsiness, i swiched all 4 spark plugs( was hard as hell as i dont have proper tools), changed oil filter and oil. Old oil becomed like a black mud inside, long time no change.
Then i went to a real mechanic to inspect bike, and it seems everything is in perfect order for now.
Let's start some choppin'

Starting to take of parts
Point of no return
Starting to weld
Fitting the rear fender
And for now, bike looks like this


Lot of trials and errors right now. I managed to weld fender stand to close to frame, so when i sit on the bike and encounter a bump on a road, frame kicks the fender stand. I will work on that. In the meantime, i bought lowering kit in store, they were getting rid of it for 30$ which i think its cheap.
Also, new handlebar arrived from Holland

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I can only attach 10 pics on a post, so..
Metzeler ww tires are ready

Rims went to powdercoating to somewhat of cherry red, i hope that will turn out how i imagined it.

Due to corona virus, i need to wait 6-7 days more to get my rims, and then i will keep you posted.
All decals will be polished, new wrapped shorter exhaust and new air intake also.

I have few questions about air intake and coolant overflow.
As this is dual carb bike, did someone managed to "merge" those carbs in one air intake?
I would like to put something like this, and i dont feel it's to good to mod from dual to single carb Air-Intake-Filter-Cleaner-For-Honda-Shadow-VT600C-1999-17-VLX-Deluxe-600-99-2009.jpg
Also about cooland overflow, can anyone explain to me how can i make that "jacky daniels bottle" mod on the side of bike?

As my bike is in workshop and we cannot go out during the virus outbreak, also, does anyone have measurments of foot pegs?
My idea is to laser cut sheet metal and make somewhat more nicer forward controls.
Also i bought side covers from 1999 model, as they are much more nicer than older ones

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Not much of a mechanic myself, so all I can tell you is that it is looking good. Keep up the good work.

My wife and I are hoping to get to Croatia one of these days. Figure we can go there and Budapest, Hungary on the same trip. We’ll see.
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