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just got home yesterday from a long trip to myrtle beach area... saw I had a package waiting for me.. my new (used) pipes from a member on this board.
anyway, I have enough daylight outside to swap, so I do so.. in about half hour... not bad I think, time for a test drive!

going down the street... 3rd gear... I think, hmm these pipes dont sound as loud as my old ones... so I lay wide on the throttle... then I hear a clank noise followed by another clank noise..... just to see in my mirrors the baffles doing cartwheels down the street! I pulled over into a side neighborhood waiting for the traffic to quit so I could collect my lost... and amazingly no one seemed to hit them.... until this one lady in the middle lane... clearly wasnt paying attention..... ran right over one and smooshed the end shut!
haha... I wasnt gonna use those things anyway! I think a fellow biker laughed as they drove by
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