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I decided to get a bike after a long absence. My first bike was a Kawasaki 100 trail bike circa 1970's that I shared with my brother when I was a kid. I chose a Shadow because my height (and inseam), limits my choice (but I probably would have chosen a Shadow regardless).

I took a course, got my license (right away because why wait?), and found "my" bike 3 weeks after that.

It's an 06 Aero. Came with stock saddle bags, sissy bar and windscreen. I finally got around to cutting 3 inches off the windscreen this weekend. I prefer to see the road above it and not through it. I tried going without the windscreen but had a hard time hanging on at 120km (75mph). I guess I don't have enough weight to keep me in the seat (but since I'm a chick that's. Good thing):wink:

I'm having a blast and only regret not getting a bike sooner.

With Eyes of Blue

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