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96 vt1100c
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So a little over a month ago some dimwit pulled right out in front of me when I was about 15 feet away from him.
Been driving/riding since 1969 and this was my first wreck. Broke a rib when I bounced off of his hood, chipped a tooth and totaled my bike.
At any rate, I bought a 2004 harley heritage softail so now I need to get rid of some of the upgrades I had on my shadow.
The bike was a 96 vt1100c
Red and black.
I had found a rear fender from a 96 ACE that was the same color and frenched in the holes where the original tail light mounted and re painted the black part of the fender and mounted a tombstone style taillight with turn signles and adapted it to take the stock saddle. Now it is for sale if anyone wants it. Pics on request.
I have a almost new set of cobra slash cut pipes, and a almost new set of cobra crash guards. The left side got scratched pretty good in the wreck but it dosen't show unless you get down and look under the bike. I have a oem chrome radiator cover. I also have a set of cobra floorboards but if anyone wants them they would have to send me the stock pegs to replace them.
Bummed me out that the guys insurance totaled the bike out, I did really like my shadow, but on the other hand, I have wanted a HD since I was 8 or 9 so it gave me an excuse to finally get one! ;)

Pics of everything is avalable by request and make offers on the parts!
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