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Mysterious leak when crank case cover is loosned

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Ok, well I discovered this on accident I guess. I wanted to bleed my clutch and went to remove, what I thought, was the cover on the left crank case to access the slave cylinder. I loosned 3 bolts from the wrong cover which is the one directly to the right of the round clutch basket. Once I had these loose and realized I had removed the wrong cover I was getting a drip from the bottom of the bike that looks like milky oil coming right off the rad hose connecting to the water pump. I immediately thought my head gasket was toast but my coolant level looks good and when I check the oil on the dipstick it looks normal. Bikes runs fine and doesn't seem to be smoking at all. I should mention that when i tighten these three bolts back up the leak stops. I'm pretty confused on this.

The bike is a 94 vt1100c with 30k miles.
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Took off the wrong cover? I'm guessin' either you didn't look in or you don't have a service manual? Milky oil is contaminated with water.
If you don't see moisture in your oil, oil in your coolant, or white smoke out the exhaust, I doubt you have a bad head gasket. Not familiar with your bike, but are you near the water pump? Pictures? Are you using a manual? Edit: I see coolant lines in your pic. Loosen the bolts and see if it's an accumulation of old oil. If so, It will stop.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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