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Here is a mystery that I'm sure one of you smart folks can figure out. (I was going to wait and post it in the 'Technical' section but this is my new thread 3/3 and I REALLY want to figure this out so I can have some peace of mind... and ride this weekend confidently.

I recently bought a 98 Shadow ACE 750 in Colorado (Pic Attached). Naturally, I want to run through all the maintenance items myself and check everything out.

One of my first tasks was to change the oil. I used a clean oil pan to see what comes out of the engine (as I am sure most of you also do). When transferring the old oil slowly, I noticed a small cylindrical metallic object in the old oil. (pic attached). NOTE: The ruler next to the object is in centimeters, so it is pretty small.

It is broken off on one end, and has a few marks on it, probably from getting chewed up a bit, though I heard nothing with my short tenure with the bike.

It appears to be a roll pin, but from what?? I've looked at exploded diagrams of the engine/transmission and I can't seem to find where it came from!

Any ideas on where this came from? Would YOU keep riding the bike without taking apart the engine/transmission?

I appreciate any ideas or thoughts.

(Avatar coming as soon as I'm approved)


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