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Need a little help on a 2004 Honda 750 shadow aero

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Thank You for your service to our great country...
Many here will help you get things in order...
I`ve not done any Ape conversions, but several have...
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I totally agree with smilie.

I have the same exact bike and my entire bike has one and ONLY one knob on it.
The idle adjustment knob.

It goes directly under the air breather.
I've never removed mine so I can't say how to reinstall.
But you're one the right track.

Anyone else know why kind of chore he has at hand?
I stand corrected.... Two knobs.
Choke and idle adjustment.
Although I only think of knobs that turn as knobs. Lol

This in the pic is what you're talking about, right?
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yes sir, that's the picture Registered *******.

I just watched this video of a hypercharger installation.
It appears that the idle adjustment knob and stem you removed is actually a flexible cable. Makes me believe that it curves to a location on the bottom of the carburetor or something. Probably why you can't see the location.

Watch the video.... Not much info but it's good.
Sorry about the exposure! LOL
Just kidding.

Live and learn. There are no stupid questions.
I didn't know what you didn't know either.
We both learned. We are both more better now.

Unforutnately, you might have to remove the carb to get that hooked back up.
Good deal!

I did the same thing to my handlebars. I cut and ground the risers off and then installed aftermarket risers that pull back slightly. Then I rotated my bars up slightly. I really wish they were taller bars but I'm not ready for the expense and the pain of doing all new controls.
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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