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Need a little help on a 2004 Honda 750 shadow aero

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Thank You for your service to our great country...
Many here will help you get things in order...
I`ve not done any Ape conversions, but several have...
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i have no idea how to get a digital picture posted. that's where this knob went through. the housing that holds the air cleaner .........i screwed it out with a screw driver so that i could get a better look at the throttle push & pull ends. i figured that it would be obvious where it screwed out of. i'm totally stupid. i have a choke knob on the left side because the first few years of the 2004 model had a carburetor. glad that i didn't loose the little washer and spring. but i've looked and looked but can see no place for the knob cable to screw's about 9" long. they say that i have TbI and i'm starting to believe them.
My son has the 02 ACE which is the predisessor to yours and it has carbs if I have time I'll try to see what you are talking about tomorrow.
As for pictures just get an account with Photo bucket its free and easy to upload to then you choose a picture and a list of photo type will come up to the right of the picture, click on the bottom one, can't remember what its call but when you click on it it will say copied and turn yellow for a couple seconds then go to the place you want to post it, right click and then left click on poast and the URL will show in your post. Once yore done and enter the post it will com up as the picture. That's the easiest way I know to post a picture and then it will be much easier for people to help you seeing what you are talking about.
Hope that helps.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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