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I have a 1994 Honda shadow 600vt. The bike was running very ruff and etc. hard to ride with it being my first bike.
I tried cleaners and everything for the carb but nothing work more then for 10min So I rebuilt it with a buddy at work. Cleaned everything and I finally got everything hooked back up properly and out of no where the first start it works great no lag no nothing running great then I looked down and a small puddle of gas,
I check all the lines over and over and hook it all back up and still gas leaks enough to make the intake tube wet and drip on the motor then off almost like someone spits out a small drink of water.
I keep rechecking it and cant find anything out. Im almost at the point of giving up. it seems to come from above the intake tube and drip down the front and in to the V of the motor under the carb.
Please help
(Can take pictures too if it helps)

Thank you
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