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So I have this new to me bike in the garage. Being the anal mechanical perfectionist I am, I have some work to do. I have new tires on order (the fact the rear tire was changed out to a non white wall and not knowing their true condition made this mandatory). I will be doing a full service to include plugs, filters, drive lube, hoses and a brake flush. I also will spend some time doing those small details to make it look right. When I can, I will post some photos, along with some progress photos.

I will say that even though I feet comfortable on a bike years ago, I will be taking a safety course and will be spending some practice time with it before taking it on the road. At my age, I am thinking with the big head, not the one I used back in my riding days. :-D

Hope to get a lot of tips and info here. I already have found a lot already.
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