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As I mentioned in my first thread, this is my first bike, but I've been working on cars for years. I have an '84 Audi 4000 Quattro, and '86 Audi 4000 Quattro (because sometimes the dogs have to come with me), and an '86 VW Quantum Syncro (which has the same motor and transmission as the Audis) for a work vehicle.
The combined purchase price for all three cars come to $1300, but they were all broken when I got them. Now I can go out and start and drive any one of them. What I'm saying is that I'm not new to fixing things or afraid of doing some work to get something running.
Also, I don't know what kind of atmosphere I'll find here yet, but I'm hoping if I ask a question some kid isn't going to tell me to "do a search". If I'm asking a question it's because I haven't found the answer yet, and asking is part of my search. The first time I did "a search" there wasn't such thing as an internet yet. I wanted to put the gauges from a '75 Dodge Charger into my '76 Chrysler Cordoba and I had to hunt down a wiring diagram from the library. That kind of searching is unheard of today.
Anyway, in my next post I'm going to introduce the bike I just picked up and see what kind of insight you guys are willing to give me.
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Welcome to the forum! The search function here is your friend. Most topics you'll find have been covered in length at one time or another. Some every other week. What tires, oil, spark plugs, windshields, condoms, whoops, no, scratch that last one. And another remark you'll hear a lot of is "do you have a service manual"? You'd be surprised at how many people here are ready to tear into their bike with no reference at all and then wonder what they've screwed up. It's like they get their diploma, degree, what have you, and forget completely what the hell a reference book is.
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