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New guy, my 2 cents on jetting.

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Recently bought an '02 Shadow mostly stock except a set of Cobra Drag Pipes. Not being the best informed new rider I didn't think to put much stock into the fact the previous owner didn't alter the carburetor in any way after installing the pipes.

Fast forward two months and a thousand miles. I buckle down and buy everything I can think of for a general tune-up, including a DynoJet kit, fuel filter, oil change itmes, and factory NGKs. My main concern was drivability. I could not run the bike without a bit of enrichment (choke) no matter what the temperature without some popping and surging(?) at part throttle. I knew the bike had sat a bit so I knew, at the very least, a cleaning and jet kit were probably going to be required.

The installation went fairly well. Turns out at some point, someone installed the same kit but with a 102 in the front and a 100 in the rear. Needles were e-pinned in the normal 3rd spot and so on. The carburetor wasn't terribly dirty by my eyes. In the end I cleaned as best I could and put in a 106 in front and 108 in the rear as per DynoJet's recommendations for open exhaust and high-flow air filter (K&N), which was en-route during the tune-up weekend.

The bike ran rather poorly once finished but with only the tank back on. I gave it some time to warm up, clear out any carburetor cleaner, parts cleaner, out of the intake before adjusting the air/fuel mixture screws back out to the 2.5 turns they had been previously set to. I brought the idle back down to around a thousand rpm with the choke off. After a few minutes it starting running very well.

So far I ended up getting the drivability I was looking for without any further issues.

My main recommendation would be to photographically document the process so that when you go to reinstall the carburetor you'll have something to go off of in terms of routing the fuel line, choke cables, and emissions tubing.

Nothing crazy for someone who has a few years of know-how and a chunk of time!

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Yup, installing Jets after installing V&H pipes on this Bike, is what brought me to HSN waay back in June of 08 and nearly 9,500 replies ago...
I needed suggestions and saw the trouble you folks were having after installing them...
SO I told the owner, I wouldn`t do it, and explained how come...
Now, I read on facebook today that he has it up for sale and copied the pic to comment on this thread...

I swapped back to stock pipes from straights and didn`t re-jet mine...(Thanks ACED IT)

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