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After being off my '85 1100 for oh about 17 years,I recently began buying parts for it when I encountered someone selling one for $2K It looked great and even though I was late to getting first to see it,the first guy fell through on the follow-up and on a very very rainy day I made the drive down (in car) to see it. Not much to decide on,once I saw it,I claimed it!

Took the bike up to Americade this year,no reservations anywhere,just good luck and a great God got us a real nice place to stay for the whole time! Had a fantastic time (Was I due for a vacation!!!)

For us it's about a 4 hour drive and on the way back felt the bike seem to slip out of gear for a second. Now however I've noticed that the clutch lever is taking a complete full pull to properly allow shifting and even then it's not always working,so I've stopped riding it for fear of it slipping out of gear at a stop!

I'll have to post more details on it later,as I've tried to "unclog" the master cylinder,but it's not clogged. Gotta get back on this thing SOON!

Already missed one ride in my town because of this. Don't want to miss one summer in my state too!

Would love to take this to the Shadow Riders convention. Does someone (Honda or this Site) have one?

:-D The good news is,my wife can fall asleep on the back while I'm riding.
:-x The bad news is,my bike has a back-rest....
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