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Thanks for the tip guys.

One more question though, since I do not have the booklet anymore that comes with my bike I am struggling to find the dimensions and Ah's the bike needs.
I have a 1999 spirit.

Since the battery seems to hold it's charge correctly, and is charging the way it should. I think the amps are too low on the installed battery. I tried to see what it reads on the installed battery, but it is hard to see without removing it (and since I have this alarm installed... removing the battery is quite a task.
How old is the battery? Did you run a multimeter on it to see what it is putting out? Are all the other electrical components involved ok?

I wouldn't get too exotic with a 16 year old bike. Go with a sealed wet cell or AGM. The LI batteries are lighter, but have other drawbacks. You may have to alter your charging system on the bike to match the requirements of the LI, among other things. Good luck with the bike, hope it is just an old battery that needs replacing and nothing more.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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