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Funny story on how I got started riding. I rode quads & dirt bikes growing up & always wanted a street bike. Met my wife when I was 19, get married at 23, & she was always absolutely against me riding. I just went along with her hard no & had Camaros to play around with. Bought a new house, traded my 02 Camaro SS (with 23k miles) off in 2017, & mentioned something about getting a motorcycle. Hard NO! once again. February of 2021 our dog passed unexpectedly. Wife & daughters wanted a new puppy, I was a hard NO! They got one anyways. I got a motorcycle shortly thereafter. 😁

Started on a brand new 2021 Rebel 300, put 6600+ miles on it & realized that she just didn't have enough to get me down the road on the highways. I want to road trip (ultimate goal is a summer tour of the UP on my bike) & that 300 just didn't have enough to make me feel comfortable on those 70mph speed limit interstates. Most of my riding is on country roads here in Central Ohio, so I also didn't want some mammoth 900lbs bike either. Took my 300 to my local dealership for a chain service & walked though the showroom & they had a 2019 Aero with 1470 miles. It was that awesome Brown, had almost all of the accessories that I would've added myself, & seemed like the perfect balance between just big enough for my road tripping needs & just small enough to still be fun on the backroads. Put 400 miles on her the first 3 days I had her & then the weather turned to poop. I am an all season rider, but 20 degrees & snow on the roads ain't it. Anyways, I think I rambled on enough. 😄 View attachment 305510
Great looking bike. I had a similar experience. Empty nester, wife wanted a camper, I wanted a motorcycle, so at 68 finally snagged an Aero and also had to get a bigger truck to pull the camper. Made out on the negotiation 😜
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