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'97 Spirit 1100 - Chandler, AZ
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Hi there
The tyres are Avon cobra chrome and yeah look a bit spicy! They have a little snake right rough where the chicken strips should be. A lot of riders the local meet up have swapped to them as the tyres on their harleys and gold wings were getting old and hard hefore they wore out so they swapped to these as they are a bit softer and give a really planted feel to the bike.

I can't say really as I've only done 20 miles on the new steed and it's my first cruiser in 35 years of riding but they felt ultra smooth on the highway.

More power you say, I thought it felt more than 44 on the butt dyno 😀 , how many do I have?
Skid_mark - Welcome to the forum from Chandler, Arizona 🌵
What a great looking ride and love that she has a factory tachometer!
You did a great job bringing her back to life (y)

So much better looking than our newer Shadows made after the great tachometer purges of the 90's/00's
Next thing, you'll probably be telling us all that she has a center-stand ;)
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