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new member here, needs help

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guys and girls,

i'm new to this forum but not forums. i'm also not new to motorcycles but i am to chain driven drive trains. weird right? i'm a harley guy and the only bikes i've ever owned are belt driven bikes. i'm not keen on the chain lingo

my girlfriend recently bought an 07 honda shadow spirit 750. its her first bike but she isnt new to driving them. she bought it off her brother, who recently pulled a link out of the chain to tighten it up. i thought that was weird cause i figure, if you pull a link out, its time to buy a new chain.

well the other day she was riding her bike and complained of some noise. so i had her take it for a slow ride around the yard and i noticed the chain was loose. it probably had about an inch or and inch and a half of deflection. i told her to drive it to her brothers house and have him take a look at it. she got there and her brother and biker buddy's said the chain is tight, probably too tight. which is weird cause it was obviously loose to me. but one guy said she needed a new chain for sure.


will a worn out chain do that? tighten up as it heats up?

do i need to replace the sprockets and chain or just the chain? i will look at the sprockets for wear

what size chain do i need? i read online that stock size in 525x124. but i also read that its 525x122 on some forums. not sure what those numbers mean.

any help or knowledge will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance
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Welcome to the Forum. My Spirit is shaft drive, so I'm not too familiar with chains. Get two more thread starts and then you will be able to post in the tech section. Or, ask the moderators to move this to the technical section.
Yes your thinking is correct!
Whenever I remove a link, it is to "get by" until the new chain gets installed...
"We do what we gots to do, in a pinch"
I replace the chain & sprocket set when I buy,
Sprockets are worn. If you roll the bike you'll notice that the cahin will go tight and then slack. When ever you change a chain, you should also change the sprockets.
ok, thanks for the info guys. appreciate it. unfortunately she doesnt have a lot of cash to replace the sprocket as well as chain but i'll get that worked out.

i need to count the current chain links before i order a chain right? same thing with the sprocket. i have no idea if the drive train has been modified or not
14 front and 41 rear should be the correct STOCK sprocket size. I opted to go 14 front and 38 rear as many have. It doesnt get so buzzy at highway speed. The chain is a 525 size and the other number is the number of links. Not sure how many links you will need for her Spirit though. I think my ACE was 122 links stock and 120 with the smaller rear sprocket.
Unfamiliar with your application, however, when you order your chain and sprocket set; the vendor should have the correct length chain for number of teeth rear sprocket...
Old Timers or part timers (in reference to alzhiemers) doesn`t allow me to go by memory no more!
BUT I think mine is a .525 size with 122 links,
thanks again. think i have an understanding of whats up now. may look into the 38 rear sprocket. she might be interested in that
just to update. i was looking at sprockets and chains......120 chain for a 39 tooth rear sprocket, 122 for stock. which is a 41 or 42 tooth sprocket. since the stock kits are cheaper, i will order the stock kit. thanks once again.

Go with the 38 if you still can. Best and cheapest upgrade I have done yet. Completely different bike. Many here will agree with this. Not worth the money saving.
My stock 41 rear serves me well...
However, some complain of the high RPMs from it???
Thus use the smaller rear sprocket...
;) As always, It`s my Honda Buck$ I`ll buy what I want...
HOWEVER, I`ll gladly accept your contribution IF you insist I get what you want me to have :D:D
ok. you're making me reconsider. since my girl and i do live 2 hours apart, we do drive our bikes long distance to see each. where did you guys find the 525x120 chain? i talked to motorcycle super store earlier hoping they could hook me up, but they came up short. dude mentioned i should go to a honda dealer to find the chain i need.
also, she needs front brake pads. i've never done motorcycle brakes before.....can you get the discs resurfaced? any suggestions on brand?
and that is one hell of a bike bowserpup.
Go with the 38 if you still can. Best and cheapest upgrade I have done yet. Completely different bike. Many here will agree with this. Not worth the money saving.
Yes, spend the extra few bucks. Have you checked eBay for the sprockets? JT is a good one. D.I.D o-ring or x-ring chain. I got the whole set for just over $100 on eBay.
ok will check ebay for that
i got on amazon and bought everything separately. including brake pads, it was 122$

i got a JT 17t front sprocket, JT 38T rear sprocket, and a volar 525 x 120 o-ring chain

i did see on amazon how a lot of people commented on the 38t sprocket. no noticeable loss of torque but much better highway manners. people love it.
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