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Good day everyone, I am new rider from the island of Trinidad. I got my rider's license in January this year but work on my house has kept me back from being able to purchase a bike.

Things have finally slowed down with the house work and I finally got to resume my search for finding an appropriate bike. My riding history to date consists of a little Honda scooter (what I rode to obtain my riding permit) and a quick test drive on a Suzuki GSXR600, a friend's bike. I am not a fan of sport bikes and always loved the look and sound of a V twin cruiser. I just recently found a Honda Shadow 750 locally that fell within my budget and I am in the process of making purchase right now.

One of our local bike mechanics had known the bike and he was the one who recommended the bike to me. It is currently not being ridden often and appears to be in good condition.

I don't know the specific model of the bike as yet, I only met the owner once to date and forgot to take that info. The excitement from seeing the bike made me forget! lol. I know it is a 750cc model, chain drive and it has a single handle bar mounted speedometer. I'm a little disappointed it wasn't the shaft drive model, but that isn't enough to put me off buying it.

My goals would be to restore it to like new condition, equip it with some saddle bags and possibly do the timing modification to free up the little hidden potential it has. I really would like to install a tachometer on it as well, I get so used to driving with a tach and i know it would be a handy / fun upgrade.

Well, that's all for now, will update accordingly.

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