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While i'm waiting for my account to fully activate.

How do I check if the plug wires are good and sending spark? What's the best method? I suspect one of my plugs may not be firing in the forward cylinder. I swapped it with a plug in the back and the symptom persists.

I also notice the wires and actual part that seats onto the plug are TWO pieces according to parts sites. When trying to remove one of the plug wires on the front right side I pulled the wire free from the boot. It seemed liked it screwed back in so I suspect thats how it works? Also these problems persisted prior to my pulling this wire so that's not the case.

I'm just trying to eliminate wires or coil being the issue. My symptom is the bottom pipe pops a lot at idle while the top pipe runs smooth without popping. (Vance and hines pipes) Bike seems to cruise ok though. I didn't think it would be a carb issue.

Sorry I can't place this in tech :(
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