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Just wanted to say hi, Ii bought a 1984 Shadow VT700C with 23,000 last March after many years of not riding. Took the MSF & got leagl in June. Great to be riding again, Rode it to work last Friday for the 1st time this year. Changed all the fluids and filters this weekend. I need some help figuiring out how to drain the radatior if anyone knows, also how to get the cap off to add more fluid. Its tucked up tight by the left side of the gas tank. Hope to be a member here for a long time. I am alredy looking to move up to an 1100.


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A very big welcome from my self, and I am sure the sentiment is shared by a lot of members.

It sure is good to be back in the wind, but remember, you are technically retraining yourself so take it easy and work your way to your ultimate riding style that you enjoy.

As for the coolant question, although I can not answer it, there are folks that will do so in very good fashion. However, I suggest you post the question, and any future tech questions in the tech forum.

Drive safe and as some say on this forum, drive as if you are invisible, especially in Vegas where I would say the chances are much higher that the driver next to you on their cell phone has some toxicants (alcohol comes to mind).

So, ride safe, read, enjoy and post in this great forum and remember, we LOVE pics.


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Welcome to the forum and congrats on getting back into riding, looks like you were smart to take the MSF course, so just take it easy, can't help ya on the maintenance question, as mentioned try the Tech Form on here.

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from my 1983-84 vt700 - 750 manual... to drain and change coolant. bike on centerstand
2.remove seat and sidecovers
3. remove main fuel tank
4. remove radiator filler neck cover
5. remove the allen set screw on the side of the radiator cap
6. remove radiator cap (to speed up draining)
7. loosen bleed bolt on the thermostat cover
8. place drain pan under left side of bike (under water pump) -remove the drain screw and sealing washer on the water pump cover
9. take the bike off the centerstand and lean it to remove any leftover coolant
10. install drain screw and sealing washer on water pump cover. tighten the bleed screw on the thermostat housing
11. refill the radiator. add coolant through the radiator filler neck
12. start engine and let it run at idle speed until the engine reaches normal operating temp. make sure there are no air bubbles in the coolant and tat the coolant level stabilizes at the correct level. add coolant as neccessary.
13. install the radiator cap.
14. add coolant to the reserve tank to the correct level.
15. install the radiator filler neck cover.
16. install the fuel tank.
17. test drive and readjust if necessary.

if you are just topping it off then add it in the reserve tank.
hope this helps -
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