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New owner of a 97 Honda Shadow VT600C

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Hi everyone, I just purchased a 97 Shadow VT60C as my first motorcycle. I have spend a significant amount of time researching motorcycles that fit my needs (I'm on the shorter side 5'4).

I was lucky enought to find this motorcycle on creigslist, the seller was desprite for money and got a good price. It has 800 origional miles and has been garaged it's whole life. I doubt that it's even been ridden in the rain.

My question is that the OEM air filter rubs against my leg and I was wondering what my options are for a after market solution. I'm looking to pickup a K&N solution, but due to the price, I don't want to make a crapshot at what's going to fit. Imput from anyone with the same issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to spending alot of time learning more from the forums.

Sarah - Nebraska - Beginner Rider
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