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New Paint

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Well I got my bike parts back last week and got everything put back together. Thought I would share how the 750 Aero looks now.

We went from this:

To this:

And a dedication to the former owner of the bike, my late father:

Next in line....exhaust.
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Kinda cool. Was it done with a sharpie or something similar over the base paint & then clearcoated?
really like that style of illustration! slick bike.
Nice bike. That's a pretty drastic change.
looks good, i'm not much into skulls.. but i really appreciate the art work. looks good!
:shock: Nice. :-D
@tazman9 - It was all freehand airbrushing.

@-AJ - I wasn't really either until I saw my buddies sketches. Asked him to just keep it sketchy as I thought it added a more aggressive feel that if it was a fine detailed skull.
Man that looks soo **** good. I love it. I've seen a lot of paint jobs but that is the one I like the most by far. Really cool idea with the sketch look!
I'm not into skulls either but I like that. It's subtle. I especially like the shout out to your dad.

Congrats on the new look.
Looks great dude, diggin' the charcoal grey big time.
Great job, what did it set you back if you don't mind my asking?
Great job on the what you did for your dad:)
Very nice. The skull on the tank looks like it's moving forward, the one on the fender looks like it's getting pulled along while watchin' your back.
I like that graphic style alot.

Nice tribute to your dad too.:cool:
I'm also not into the skull thing, but yet I love the artwork, and the black on silver looks amazing.
Very cool graphic style, looks great!
Wild, to say the least!
Man that looks good!
I dig it. Subtle, yet it grabs your attention.

Well done!
That's really nice. I'm contemplating paint ideas for my bike and I'm really struck by the way yours turned out. Don't worry I won't steal it but I like the way it's such a simple thing but makes such a complicated statement.

I especially like how it's a similar scheme (two-toned) to the stock lines but with just a little bit of custom graphics to provide a little understated excitement! Definitely a change from the super large flames and giant airbrush murals you see on a number of bikes.

I think I'll have to rethink my paradigm when this winter rolls around! Thanks for the pics and the inspiration.

1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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