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Kermitdafrog said:
I used to race stock cars. The air cleaners on the old carbureted engines surrounded the carb and got dirty from the outside/in. With a motorcycle, especially the 86 Shadow, the air inlet goes directy to the inside of the filter, the air travels from the inside/out to the engine...
Well, I'll be darned. I wasn't challenging you, just didn't know that. My last bike was 18 years ago, and on this bike I haven't had it long enough yet to have a reason yet to take a look other than curiosity.

My 85 VT1100 is the same way, air flows from the inside out. I have changed many air filters on bikes, cars, farm machinery, and industrial machinery including turbines. I believe the Shadow is the only filter I have seen that flows from the inside out.

In 1988, I had the Shadow at the Rider Rally in Cody. Yellowstone was on fire. The smoke blocked out the sun in Cody 50 miles away from the nearest fire and ash was falling from the sky. Visibility was down to less than 100 yards in some places in Yellowstone. When I got home, the air filter was solid black part way on the inside of the air filter. Part way because there is a lip that goes up part way inside the filter. It looks like a lot of flow restriction, but the bike runs good, so I leave it alone and don’t second guess the Honda engineers that built it for me.
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