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No I did not find a body in the woods, although I would not be surprised if that happened someday. Yesterday was an eh day early in the morning, wasn't sure which way the wind would blow weather wise, so we got off to a later start then usual, that coupled with the fact that Linda returns to work today from her vacation meant we would have to keep the ride somewhat local. We (meaning me ) decided to just roam about, our roaming took us to Franklin NH on route 3, and to the Winnipausakee river walking trail

The trail ties in the now defunct railroad that ran through here and the towns former mill status.

This Franenstienish trestle greats you from the road side

and across the street is a little park that gives a brief history of the area, along with this massive iron flywheel that was instrumental to the early success of the mills

Now if all things were perfect and there were not brain dead idiots in the world the crowing jewel of this nice little wayside along the roaring Winnepausakee river

would be the Sulphite covered bridge, the worlds only upside down covered bridge, where the train travelled over unprotected but the bridges inner workings and supports were covered. Unfortunately because of some fool arsonist in the 80's all that is left are the skeletal remains

How sad, but such is life, one idiot ruins things for many.

Small towns in NH sometimes are ghost towns with strange things hanging about, like this tank just sitting outside basking in the sun

All in all nice short juant and a good meal at Shortys Mexican Roadhouse

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