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Not letting the cold get to me!

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So in the morning I'm taking off on my first longish ride =3 hours. Also I will be riding in lower temps than I have ever ridden in before. It may be as low as (37 degrees). I have only ridden in temps down to about 50 degrees before and some parts of my body got very cold then. One area was my wrists. With my arms stretched forward my wrists are exposed because I do not have winter riding gloves. I went to a local bike shop to look at some but at $65.00 I decided to pass.
So today I put on my thinking cap and came up with this simple solution for tomorrows ride.
I cut the toe out of an old pair of heavy socks and will wear them on my arms to help block some of the wind. Hey it's better than nothing....until I break down and get some longer gloves.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to have done this.
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I know it won't do you any good tomorrow but, I bought a pair of these gloves a couple of years ago. Very nice warm glove at a VERY nice price!

Olympia Sports 6000 Mustang Gloves - Motorcycle Superstore
Kinda late on this, BUT >
Wavy has cardboard taped to his handlebars near the levers, to provide a windbreak for his hands during his 32 degrees trip to FL, he still has them taped on :)
IF you can keep the wind off & out, you`re TWO Steps ahead!!!
Enjoy the sunrise, I`m headed out:D
Ride safe Captain!
If you happen upon a Rural King on the way to Marshall, they might have gauntlet gloves in their motorcycle leather section. At least they do down here in Evansville. They are around $20.
Hmmm, just remembered. There is a Rural King on US 40 just past Seelyville on the east edge of Terre Haute.
Well. It turned out even colder than forecasted. 34 degrees this morning. It was suggested to me ( by Scaredofmyownshadow) in this thread to go to Rural King and pick up some gloves (gauntlet type) there so that is what I did. The local store opened just as I was leaving so I stopped in and bought a nice heavy pair. They were on sale too! Not sure I could have made the trip without them.

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You were shivering pretty good when you got to Greencastle the way it was...:-(
The really weird part of the day was despite the cold start of the day I managed to come home with a sun burnt face. The sun shining in the afternoon while waiting in line for a burger must have been enough to burn me. I've got a red nose and forehead today. Go figure.

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Got sunburned on my face too.

We met up with Jason and Mike at a gas station a little north and west of Moonshine.
We had all just climbed off our bikes and were cold.
I even remember hearing someone say... "I'm Cold"
For whatever reason we were standing in the SHADE.
After about a minute, I realized how stupid we were all being and walked all of eight feet to find the sun beaming intensely.
What a bunch of Morons! :mrgreen:
I believe that was me... I remember both of us about the same time saying something like, DOH we're standing in the shade.

Guess we're not the sharpest knives in the drawer huh?:mrgreen:
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