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Not letting the cold get to me!

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So in the morning I'm taking off on my first longish ride =3 hours. Also I will be riding in lower temps than I have ever ridden in before. It may be as low as (37 degrees). I have only ridden in temps down to about 50 degrees before and some parts of my body got very cold then. One area was my wrists. With my arms stretched forward my wrists are exposed because I do not have winter riding gloves. I went to a local bike shop to look at some but at $65.00 I decided to pass.
So today I put on my thinking cap and came up with this simple solution for tomorrows ride.
I cut the toe out of an old pair of heavy socks and will wear them on my arms to help block some of the wind. Hey it's better than nothing....until I break down and get some longer gloves.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to have done this.
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Yeah, the socks would help at 50 degrees, but I have to agree with Gat. At 37 degrees, you're going to be bitter-cold very quickly.

If it's too late to get the gauntlets, wrap some aluminum foil and saran wrap around your wrists along with the socks. Give it a few layers (like 2 layers of foil & 5 layers of saran wrap). It will give you a little barrier between the wind and your skin, keep some of the body heat in. It's not as good as Thinsulate or other insulation, but better than nothing.

3 hours is a LONG time in sub-40 weather without real gauntlets. plan on frequent stops to warm up and try to stop each time before you feel your hands getting cold.
I buy my winter gloves off the discounted rack AFTER winter, when they put them on Clearance SALE!!!
Yup, if you're going to buy some gauntlets watch for snowmobile closeouts from April through August. The big catch is finding what you want, in your size, at a good price. I picked up my Flys around September 1st two years ago for about $30 (regularly $140-ish) and they will last me for years at this rate.

Riding in cold weather is a new animal. It can be very dangerous if you're not careful, or trying to cut corners. Now that you have some time before your next trip and you have some gauntlets which will work, also pick up some of those chemical "hand heaters" at a sporting goods or hunting store. They are great for a quick warm-up when you're filling up or feel yourself getting cold.
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