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On this forum and others whenever I hear carburetor cleaners mentioned, it's Seafoam. Each case is different. The extent to which each machine has become clogged is individual, so it's difficult to honestly compare.
In 2001 I purchased a 1979 GL1000. It had been stored away for years in a garage. It was running on two cyinders it was so bad. I used Techron to remedy that. I've had equally good results with Gumout and Berryman's. I've used Sea Foam and it's hard to say because the results were inconclusive. One way to tell if a product is truly worth it's reputation is to judge how long it's been around. Gumout I believe is the oldest. It's been around for at least fifty years. Berryman's has been around for a long time, if not as long. It's hard for me to justify Sea Foam's price when the others have proven themselves several times in my own personal experience already.

Sidenote: I went to electronics school at night, we all had day jobs. My lab partner was a girl who worked at the Berryman's factory. She always smelled like B12 Chemtool. We ended up being romantically involved for a while. I guess you could say the smell of B12 Chemtool brings back romantic memories.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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