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So did I. I don't think it has to do with a coolant system leak. Think it may be a bearing wearing out but which one I do not know. I think if I turned the idle up it wouldn't whistle but that wouldn't solve the problem in the long run. That's all it took was a little higher idle and the noise would stop. The bike didn't whistle while under load just when you stopped.

Let's see if the new onwer pops up on this forum? LOL. Bike runs great except for that noise which started on a test ride last week, went dealership on this young guy. He said he didn't want to ride sport bikes any more so he was out looking at cruisers. I said I'll take you on a guided ride. He was grinning ear to ear when we got back but then the whistle started. He was serious, he got back to me a day later said he bought a 2008 shadow. Less miles, less rust, more expensive but he got a 750 which I think he will regret in the long run. I told him I was in the same boat, I bought the Shadow to see if I liked cruisers, I figured I would give it a 1,000 miles to know what I thought. End result was I do like cruisers putting 4,500 miles on the bike last year but spotted a customized Valkyrie so I ended up buying that. The Valkyrie ended up my go to bike so the Shadow went up for sale. I just wasn't riding it much. If I had a big garge for bikes I would have kept the Shadow but I don't. I told the young guy it's a matter of money, spend a bunch not knowing if you will like cruisers or go cheap and upgrade in the future if you like it. Apparently he made his mind up fast.
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