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I don't need another cell phone line I thank you
so stop asking me, stop hounding me I beg you I plead
There is only me and the wife here anyway
how much coverage could I possibly need

I don't do my banking on the highway while driving
I don't chase down the latest celebrity breakdown
I don't need to Google the best places to eat
yet I still find the ones right here in town

Lightning speed doesn't thrill me.
I can wait the extra second or two
I can go months without loading a new application
I don't need all these gizmos at all, do you?

That doesn't mean I don't like technology
I do, I like it just fine
It's just that everything I buy,though still quite functional
alas have become obsolete before their time.

I hope you folks are watching current events, especially in regard to organizing protests through the internet.... start pondering the possibilities
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