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I'm not sure where in NW Ohio you're coming from, but if you're following the lake roads, you can always stop off at Eddies Grill in Geneva-on-the-Lake while your on your way.

Rt 30 is the old Lincoln Highway. It'll probably be fussy around Pittsburgh but after that you're in the Laurel Highlands and you'll be good to go.

Stop off at Jean Bonnets Tavern near Bedford...
Jean Bonnet Tavern - Bedford, Pennsylvania
...Which has been around for over 250 years. Food, gift shop, and if you believe in them...ghosts. ;)

In the Ridge and Valley section of the state, you can visit the Mountain House bar and Grill right on Rt30 near McConnellsburg. It's popular as a biker stop. I've never eaten there (because I'm still full after lunch at Jean Bonnet's), but I always stop by for a stretch.

Close to Gettysburg: If you're into something goofy, you can hit Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum which is mostly a big candy store.

I've only stayed at two places in Gettysburg over the years,
The Gettysburg Campground when I'm traveling solo, and
The Gettysburg Travelodge when I'm riding with a local group for Bike Week. It's a nice hotel right located where the tourist business district is all within comfortable walking distance. If your planning your trip for Bike Week, you should make your reservations soon.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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