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Back in the day {the '60s} my parents bought me a Cheetah {?} mini-bike from the local Woolco store. Woolco was a forerunner to K-Marts and Wal-Marts in my neck of the woods {west central Florida} and it was their grand opening and the mini-bikes were on sale. About half a dozen or so kids in my area got the exact same bike and we had lots of open fields at the local high school to ride on along with miles of paved roads that were not yet developed, no houses at all just roads. you would guess, contests of speed were happening :twisted: anytime 2 or more of us got together! The rich kids got the Sears brand ones with a Tecumseh engine while our little red Cheetahs had 3 1/2 hp Clinton engines. I was the first one to figure out how to bypass the governor so I was the local hotshot. Those Sears/Tecumsehs would shoot out ahead of us {lower gearing} but we would soon run them down with our hot-rodded Cheetahs! We looked like a mini bike gang :lol:

Those were the days!!
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