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If your exhaust doesn't have any type of crossover system (yours don't) then you have one cylinder running rich in the circuit that you mostly use.
That just means that if you ride mostly on open highways and on the deep end of the throttle then it may just be a main jet issue, but if you ride a lot of two lane 55 and 60mph roads then your problem may be in the needle circuit, if you ride a lot in town them the problem may be in the air mixture adjustment for the pilot circuit.
But whicheve it is, it does sound like you have one cylinder running richer than the other.
And not being able to see the exhaust your dirty pipe may be the good one, your nice and clean pipe could be to lean!
Its very possible that you could open up the air mixture screw on one carburetor a 1/2 turn and turn the other one in a 1/2 turn and even the mixture up enough to be fine (unless the misture is out in the main jets)
Also another thought is your enrichen valve for the one cylinder may be the problem (enrichen valve is the choke on these bikes).
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