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Hey there my Canadian friends lol

Seems the CX-500 guys are getting together for a rally. It is open to the public, and as my father is going on his CX im going to go aswell.

My father is located in toronto, and I am located in whitby. Anyone up for the event should check out the original post located at the end of this post.

ALL donations received during the rally will go directly to Tysen's charity fund:
Tysen's Mission to a Million

WHEN : Thursday September 3rd 2015 to Monday September 7th 2015

WHERE : 1893 Manotick Station Rd. in Greely, Ontario, Canada

Also coffee/tea/juice will be provided each morning.

Camping cost.......$12.50/person/ only no tax.

**** TENTS NOT SUPPLIED! **** (Motel also around the corner.)

If you wish to attend you need to contact the original poster on the CX-500 forums. They are really good guys and this event is going to be a blast!

A link to the original post can be found here:

7th Annual Honda CX/GL Rally EH !!!

Lets see if we can flood them out with shadow riders! lol

If you have any questions let me know, Also depending on who wants to join the ride down there, we may change the meet location to suit everyone.

NOTE: We will probably not be taking the highway as some riders would rather see all the sites (Bring your cameras!)
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