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Opinions on Dynabeads

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Looks like it's about time to consider replacing the rear tire, not because it's worn out but it is beginning to show cracking in the tread grooves. Can't complain since the bike is an '06 and the tire was made in '04.

Simply wanting opinions from actual users of Dynabeads and how they like/dislike them. Really would like to get rid of the ugly lead weights clamped around the spokes...
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firehawk. I have Dynabeads in both of Ida's tires. There is no human mistake in correctly balancing a tire. The ride is as smooth a the road surface you are on. Adlowe says it best in his last sentence. They can also be reused when the time comes. In my opinion that was the best $40.00 I have spent on IDA.

I wish I had known you were interested in Dynabeads. I would have let you take Ida for a spin at Moonshine.

Watch the video.
Well so far everyone's opinion is postiive about Dynabeads. Guess I'll be going with them. Looks like I'll need 2 oz. for a 170 tire.

Thanks everyone, appreciate the input.
Use 2 oz in both tires. You an take the weights off and add the beads.

Just that simple.
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1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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