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Opinions on Dynabeads

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Looks like it's about time to consider replacing the rear tire, not because it's worn out but it is beginning to show cracking in the tread grooves. Can't complain since the bike is an '06 and the tire was made in '04.

Simply wanting opinions from actual users of Dynabeads and how they like/dislike them. Really would like to get rid of the ugly lead weights clamped around the spokes...
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Using beads for 2 years now, no complaints at all. Next go round o may try Ride on like Endy did. Beads have kept my tires in great shape the last 2 years, they have 14k on them and look like they will go well over 20k.

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One thing to help with install.
I used an engraver to vibrate the valve stem while putting beads in the rires. The front has a straight stem, no biggie, they flowed easily, the back has a right angle one that took a little more help, that's where the engraver vibrating it helped. I know people that just tap on the stem and they go easily. I've heard of people using other things that vibrate too, ain't going there tho.
They are worth the money, time and small amount of effort it takes to get them in.

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I have this for my tire changes:
Old pic huh!
Tire machines are nice to have! But it would be even better with a buddy with one!
The beads would be easy on a bench to install through stems, but it wasn't too bad to me using the engraver made them flow pretty easy, only stopped flowing maybe 2x.

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