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overly sensitive VLX

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Over the last few days, I've noticed my VLX 600 is being a little "overly sensitive" and I'm not comfortable making any quick maneuvers as of late. It happens mostly under 20mph or over 70mph, but between those speeds is a good sweet spot.

It's not so touchy that I don't feel confident riding, but it's enough to be a little disconcerting.

Anyone have any insights as to what might be going on?

P.S. I've checked the tire pressure and shock settings just to be sure and nothing looks out of the ordinary.
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This is quoted from your 2nd post ever here

Newbie here pt2
I am a first time rider and still very green. I just bought my first bike, VLX600 and have been putting nearly 100 miles a day on it.
I gather that your being in Co. that your first riding season (last summer) was your only time on a bike, and a short season due weather. So likely it's just you getting used to being back on the bike. Practice up some after the winter's layup.

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