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overly sensitive VLX

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Over the last few days, I've noticed my VLX 600 is being a little "overly sensitive" and I'm not comfortable making any quick maneuvers as of late. It happens mostly under 20mph or over 70mph, but between those speeds is a good sweet spot.

It's not so touchy that I don't feel confident riding, but it's enough to be a little disconcerting.

Anyone have any insights as to what might be going on?

P.S. I've checked the tire pressure and shock settings just to be sure and nothing looks out of the ordinary.
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These tests might help.

face the front of the bike and stand astride the front wheel while gripping it with your knees, hold the bars and try to move them from left to right and back, there should be no slackness or movement.

jack the front of the bike up, this can be done by sitting it on the centre stand and weighing or tying the back wheel down.

now grip the front wheel at three o'clock and nine o'clock and push sharply with one hand while pushing with the other, there should not be any slight movement or clicking sound, if there is the wheel bearing needs replacing.

Next spin the wheel and when it stops mark the tire at six o'clock with chalk, repeat this several times.. if the chalk marks are all in the same area the tire is out of balance.

Now you need to make a simple tool, a piece of old floorboard or thin plank about a foot long with another piece of broomstick or 3/4" square x six inch wood screwed into the centre of it the plank simply supports the upright stick, now use gaffa tape to hold a stick of chalk at wheel rim height so that by moving the plank to the right position the chalk will almost touch the rim, now spin the wheel to see if the rim is distorted.. now move the chalk so that it almost touches the sidewall of the tire and spin the wheel again, if the tire moves away from or towards the chalk it is fitted badly.

And finally straddle the front wheel and hook your elbows under the bars and see if there is any play as you lift the bars if there is the steering head bearings have worn out or need tightening.

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