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Wanted to share a 'find' with my fellow Canadians. I would like to say that I always hit my local salvage yard(s) first; and why not? If they have what you are after you strike yourself a deal and walk out happy like a child. The contrary is very real too. The joy turns sour and it feels like you are being tested on your patience. The latter was such a day for myself, walking out the door giving up until the owner called me back. He suggested to give Parts Hotline a try. I did and a hour later I got an offer on exactly what I needed and more!

I thought the idea behind it is very neat and effective. I guess the way it works is that salvage yards nation wide can register with them. If you need a part, you put in an online request and if any of them have the part, they will contact you. Wanted to share it with you in case you have trouble finding what you are after!



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