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I remember Lonnie Coburn and the day he was killed. I moved to Hernando Co. in 1971 {left in 1988} and that was a horrible incident, a very bad shock to a close knit rural community. My best friend is a retired Hernando Co. deputy who has had his share of harrowing moments himself. He retired shortly after an incident in which he shot and killed a fugitive NJ cop killer after a chase and gun battle a few years ago. He got all kinds of accolades AND a reprimand for using an "unauthorized weapon" to do the job. Go figure :evil:
The general feeling back in 1978 was that if Pasco Co. had not gotten to the killers first, they would not be on death row right now, they would have never made it back to the Hernando co. jail!
The St. Pete Times article summed up the situation in 1978 very well as I remember it.
Glad to hear folks still remember and that you had a chance to ride!
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