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Pictures from the 2015 Moonshine Lunch Run

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Here are a few pictures I took today over in Moonshine, IL.

Here's the group, tbfoto is off to the left and of course I took the picture.

Here's looking south into town from where we parked. Probably was about 3/4 of a mile from town.

Kind of hard to see but it shows bikes lined up out of town looking west.

Stood in line for the cheeseburgers for a little over an hour I'd guess. It was worth it, I had a double.

Just a picture of the Moonshine General Store.

Ended up being about as perfect a day as one could ask for. A little chilly first thing this morning as temps were in the mid 30's. Just ask tbfoto!:wink:

It was a great ride and a great bunch of guys to ride with! It was great to be able to put some faces to user names here. Here's hoping everyone had a safe trip home.
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What a good day. With my heart condition I rode down the road more after the mug shots were taken. I was lucky found a spot right next to the store. Only had to wait about 10 minutes. While in line the guys got in a huge line and I missed them. Jason found me on my bike after I finished a double bacon cheese with a soda. Next time they will not lose me I hope. I hate being lost. Great meeting all of you. Lets do it next year if we can.
Well it was a good day indeed. Chilly?????? No, it was bone chilling downright COLD this morning. 34 degrees as I left home this morning. All was good though because as the sun came up it became the most perfect day for a bike ride. Good riding good food and met some good guys. Here's a few photos that I took.
First image is as we just arrived and parked the bikes. Firehawk getting ready.
Second image is of the whole group. I stopped a lady walking and asked her to snap a photo. Left to right is...tbfoto...firehawk......xxxxxxxclm1954 (sitting on bike)....a friend they brought along (Jim)........scaredofmyownshadow.......and stranger on the far right.
Good looking group right??????

Next photo is waiting in line for a burger...just a shot of the store.
Last photo shows just one stretch of road lined with bikes as far as you could see.

This is a very well attended event and the burgers are pretty good too.
Had a great time...want to go again.
The man behind me is a dear friend of 54 years. Hi name is Tony. He rides a Yamaha so don't hold that against him.
Forgetful about names. Man I am the Prez. I will have to print out the group picture then figure what face goes with what user name. Then put on my cork board to remind myself who is who.
They just disappeared before a camera could be garbed.
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