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pleasant surprises

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Last year I pulled my battery and rotated my battery tender on it and other batteries (riding mower, tractor, etc.). Apparently it wasn't enough because come spring time there wasn't enough juice in any of the batteries and had to replace them all :(
This year I had intended to put each battery on it's own dedicated charger/tender, but never got around to it. On top of that the Spirit was stored with very little fuel in the tank, again not what I had intended.
Then yesterday I decided to spend a few minutes assessing the damage of an improperly stored bike, and clean out the mouse nests etc.

To my very pleasant surprise, not only did Mr mouse find other accommodations this winter, but the battery turned the motor over instantly, and with gusto! But what about the gas tank? Would this fool's foolish fuel fiasco cause cantankerous carburetor complications!?!?

Short answer, NO! After a couple shots of starting fluid she sprang to life. The mechanical gods smile down on us!
In celebration and after chopping through the ice in front of the garage, we went for a quick ride.

Even stopped to take in some wild life!


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