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Polishing oddity

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OK, I know the oddity is me but...

1-airplane stripper
2-400 grit
3-800 grit
4-1200 grit

sanding always in the same direction
all sanding scratches inline, none other noticeable

then polish with jeans wheel and tripoli
then cotton wheel with yellow (forget what its called)

oddity is this...while it shiny pretty well there appear to be scratches in the finish, scratches in a rather roundish manner like you were sanding in oval circles

its odd because I know i didn't sand or polish in that pattern. It also odd because with the 400 grit it put plenty of lines in, but they were very straight, these orbitals were not to be seen,

The real oddity is there is some some sort of water pattern on it. Don know how else to explain it. I've attached a pic and the red on there is my drawing to attract your attention to the water spot issue.

I've got the funny feeling I've been sanding & polishing the clear coat for hours, if so how the heck do you get that stuff off?

Anybody else experience this?


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Wow 400, 800 & 1200 grit.
fake - Aircraft striper and MEK(nervous system).

The amount of time and money spent here, I would just get it re-chomed might be cheaper.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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