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Popping On Decel

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Okay so I made all of my Modifications and everything runs smoothly. I chopped the exhaust, and found out that in my previous post my problem was that my vacuum tubes weren't all connected to the right port (carb noob lol). Anyhow I plugged up all the proper ports and it was revving up fine until I still had a loss of power whenever cruising past 40 mph. Furball Zen mentioned how I should check the new air cone, and I didn't have a Dremel (or other tool) to cut the sheet metal to restrict air flow so I found an oil filter from a car cartridge type and was able to put it in the cone and now I can ride smoothly on the freeway at 75! See old post here.

My problem is that whenever I decal my bike pops and backfires. Not only down hills but even during downshifting to slow down. How can I fix this?

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Syncing carbs will do nothing for decel popping. It only comes into play at idle and speeds that equate to barely moving.

Check that torque on exhaust torque on the exhaust-to-engine connections are per spec. That and adjusting the air-fuel mixture are probably the two easiest + most often overlooked ways to reduce or eliminate popping.
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