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Popping On Decel

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Okay so I made all of my Modifications and everything runs smoothly. I chopped the exhaust, and found out that in my previous post my problem was that my vacuum tubes weren't all connected to the right port (carb noob lol). Anyhow I plugged up all the proper ports and it was revving up fine until I still had a loss of power whenever cruising past 40 mph. Furball Zen mentioned how I should check the new air cone, and I didn't have a Dremel (or other tool) to cut the sheet metal to restrict air flow so I found an oil filter from a car cartridge type and was able to put it in the cone and now I can ride smoothly on the freeway at 75! See old post here.

My problem is that whenever I decal my bike pops and backfires. Not only down hills but even during downshifting to slow down. How can I fix this?

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Well I'd say the hacking of the exhaust as pictured is causing it to run way too lean. Check your spark plug color. Should be lightbrown/gray. If its grey/white in color, too lean.
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