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This was a post by ScottRNelson on the All Things Motorcycle Forum. It provided an interesting perspective on riding to the extreme.

“There is a very interesting post in the South Bay Rider's Forum from a guy who used to ride way too fast on public roads. It might not be directly relevant to those of you who ride cruisers or big touring bikes, but it provides some insights about those who ride sport bikes to the extreme.

You might not want to read all of the replies, but at least read the first post, then the author's follow-up post that is down a few pages and labeled #49. You should also have a look at #71 written by Gary Jaehne, who is an advocate of safe riding in the twisties, author of Sportbiking: The Real World, and who had an article published in a recent issue of Cycle World.”

Here's the link:

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