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Hi everyone

My wife rides a 2003 750 ace. It came with cobra pipes and she wants the originals back on for the noise factor.

Originally when I put the original pipes back on it wouldn't run worth a darn. I'd throttle and it would bog down. So I changed to a K&N filter, have taken the back rubber piece out of the air filter assembly and adjusted the air/fuel screws to 3 1/2 turns. Now I find I can ride the bike and it performs well except I always have to leave the manual choke out about 1/2 way and when stopped, it eventually stalls.

I know there is probably larger jets in the carbs due to the cobra pipes but I was hoping I wouldn't have to change them as in Calgary it will cost around $350.00 to go back to the original jets.

Any thoughts on whats happening and how I could avoid having to get the jets changed

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