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So I know that I have been gone a while. School made me real busy. BUT I FINISHED MY Bachelors degree a month ago.

Now I have another project that I am working on. Since my bike sat so long without regular riding, I developed issues. Mostly in the carb. It is at a friends and he is working on it. In this process, I have obtained another parts bike.

I own a 2004 Shadow Spirit VT 1100.

A friend hit a pot hole with his and I will be using that. It is a 2002 Shadow 1100. For this one the main things that I need right now is to get all the parts back from him. (Tank, exhaust, etc) I will need to replace the front and back rim as they are bent. Not sure what else I will be needing at this point. It will end up being my wifes bike. she likes the purple. My son is willing to help me work on it, as long as he gets the 83 Shadow 750 when hes done.

So we have some work ahead of us.
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