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Ok everyone that has helped me to figure this out! I got the pulsar generator off of my bike! That was too ez! So now I am wondering how to get it open or do I open it!? I'm really confused. I think I have the correct wire gauge off a crank position sensor! And how does it open. Do I Dremel it open? Pry it open?
Also. I was reading the wrong side of plug. I got the same ohm reading of .293 ohms. On the icm and the plug! But I have a couple (maybe idiot!) Questions! When I read the part in manual it said 450 550 ohms. I have a cheap reader. Where exactly should the point be at. . ? I don't know if I can post pics here or not! Or if we are allowed to put a contact info in the forum or not. But I am pretty desperate to get this going. My only transportation is this bike. And I live in the high desert in apple valley California. With my service dog in an RV. She rides the bike with me. She's been riding that bike with ever since she was 5 months old! Made her a special box in the back. She misses riding. Sits and just looks at the bike like when we going riding? She is even named after it "magna"!
Anyhow I am leaving my email and my number for anyone to give me a hand with this. Walk me through it! Or anything.. I appreciate it.

Btw! If this is not allowed please delete!
Thank you again
Email [email protected]
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